Getting Started

Getting started with Convox is easy. The instructions below guide you through:

  • Signing up
  • Installing the CLI
  • Deploying your application to your Rack

This guide takes around 30 minutes to go from zero to your first production deployment.

Sign up

First you will need to sign up for a Convox account.

Install the CLI

  • Install the Convox CLI for your platform.

  • Next, click the Connect the Convox CLI step in the welcome guide to get your CLI key. If you have already completed the setup steps you can generate a new CLI key at any time by clicking on Account and then click reset CLI key to generate a new key.

  • Finally, use the convox login command with your API key:

$ convox login
Password: ********************
Authenticating with OK

Prepare your application

If you already have a Dockerized application, running on Convox is as easy as adding one small file that describes your application. If you are not already using Docker, don’t worry we have sample applications for all popular frameworks that will make it easy to get started.

  • If you have an existing application see the convox.yml section of these docs.
  • If you are starting from scratch you can clone a demo application to get started.

Rack Installation

Create your Convox Rack in the cloud environment of your choice.

Deploy your application

Before deploying, create a new app in your Rack.

$ convox apps create --wait

Deploy the application

$ convox deploy --wait

Once complete, run convox services to find the load balancer hostnames for the application.

$ convox services
SERVICE  DOMAIN                                     PORTS
web  80:3000 443:3000

When a load balancer is first created it can take a few minutes for its hostname to become available in DNS.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve deployed your first application you can:

  • Add a database like Postgres
  • Grant your team members access to your organization
  • Set up Continuous Delivery Workflows
  • Install another Rack for a staging environment