Deploy Keys

Deploy keys are limited scope API keys that allow you to run the following commands from your remote environment:

  • build
  • builds
  • builds
  • builds export
  • builds import
  • deploy
  • env set --replace
  • logs
  • rack
  • racks
  • run

Creating a Deploy Key

To generate a deploy key, log into your account at and click on the Settings tab on the left.

Go to the Deploy Keys section, give your deploy key a name, and click on Create.

Deploy keys are specific to the organization they are created within.

Using a Deploy Key

In your CI environment, download the latest version of the Convox CLI and use the deploy key like these examples:

$ env CONVOX_PASSWORD=<key> convox deploy
$ env CONVOX_PASSWORD=<key> convox run web bin/migrate
$ env CONVOX_PASSWORD=<key> convox env set NODE_ENV=production FOO=bar ... --replace
$ env CONVOX_PASSWORD=<key> convox builds export <build ID> -a <app1> -r <rack1> | convox builds import -a <app2> -r <rack2>