Convox Console can integrate with GitLab and GitHub to capture source code management events and with Slack for notifications.

To enable these integrations, click the Enable button on the Integrations page in Console.


The GitLab integration can be used to create triggers for Workflows.


The GitHub integration can be used to create triggers for Workflows.

When enabling the integration, please note that there are OAuth settings for each GitHub organization. If you want to use a repository to trigger Workflows, its organization must be authorized.

Also note that forks from private repos in unauthorized GitHub organizations will not be available for triggers, even if the fork’s current organization is authorized. To work around this limitation, instead of forking you can clone the original repo and push it to a new repo in an authorized organization.

Write permissions

We are currently requesting user:email, admin:repo_hook and repo OAuth scope.

We request repo scope so we can:

  • List all your repositories for easy selection in the integration and Workflow builder tools
  • Query a repo branch to make sure other required status checks pass before running a Workflow
  • Pull code to build Docker images during a Workflow

Unfortunately, repo scope also includes write permissions, but Convox does not write to your repositories.

We do not write to your GitHub repositories in any case.


The Slack integration can be used to recieve notifications of Rack events in your team’s chat. See the Notifications doc for details about the types of notifications that are sent.