CLI Commands

Commands available

Most commands can also be viewed with this command:

convox help

Or further assistance with the help flag:

convox examplecommand -h

Commands valid as of version 20190801142802

api get

query the rack api


list apps

apps cancel

cancel an app update

apps create

create an app

apps delete

delete an app

apps export

export an app

apps import

import an app

apps info

get information about an app

apps lock

enable termination protection

apps params

display app parameters

apps params set

set app parameters

apps unlock

disable termination protection

apps wait

wait for an app to finish updating


create a build


list builds

builds export

export a build

builds import

import a build

builds info

get information about a build

builds logs

get logs for a build


list certificates

certs delete

delete a certificate

certs generate

generate a certificate

certs import

import a certificate


copy files


create and promote a build


list env vars

env edit

edit env interactively

env get

get an env var

env set

set env var(s)

env unset

unset env var(s)


execute a command in a running process


list instances

instances keyroll

roll ssh key on instances

instances ssh

run a shell on an instance

instances terminate

terminate an instance


get logs for an app


proxy a connection inside the rack


list app processes

ps info

get information about a process

ps stop

stop a process


get information about the rack

rack install

install a rack (you can configure the install passing Rack Parameters i.e. convox rack install aws -n sandbox Private=Yes)

rack logs

get logs for the rack

rack params

display rack parameters

rack params set

set rack parameters

rack ps

list rack processes

rack releases

list rack version history

rack scale

scale the rack

rack uninstall

uninstall a rack

rack update

update the rack

rack wait

wait for rack to finish updating


list available racks


list private registries

registries add

add a private registry

registries remove

remove private registry


list releases for an app

releases info

get information about a release

releases manifest

get manifest for a release

releases promote

promote a release

releases rollback

copy an old release forward and promote it


list resources

resources info

get information about a resource

resources proxy

proxy a local port to a resource

resources url

get url for a resource


restart all processes for an app on the rack

rack resources

list resources

rack resources create

create a resource

rack resources delete

delete a resource

rack resources info

get information about a resource

link a resource to an app

rack resources options

list options for a resource type

rack resources proxy

proxy a local port to a rack resource

rack resources types

list resource types

rack resources update

update resource options

unlink a resource from an app

rack resources url

get url for a resource


execute a command in a new process


scale a service


list services for an app

services restart

restart a particular service within an app


list certificate associates for an app

ssl update

update certificate for an app


start an application for local development


run tests


display version information