App Parameters

Setting Parameters

Parameters can be set using the following command.

convox apps params set Foo=Yes Baz=No

When a Rack update adds new app parameters they become available for each app after its next deploy.


Set to Yes to enable Circuit Breaker deployments in ECS. This will make failing deployments rollback quicker and easier. If a deployment requires your Rack to scale up however, it can trip the Circuit Breaker and fail when it otherwise wouldn’t. Best used when you have good capacity on your Rack.


Set to Yes to run all services for this application in Fargate. Set to Spot to run all services for this application in Fargate Spot.


Set to Yes to run all timers for this application in Fargate. Set to Spot to run all timers for this application in Fargate Spot.


Specify the ARN of a custom IAM policy to add the the Service’s Task Role at runtime.


Set to No to disable the internal domain names at and .convox to from routing to this application. You can use this parameter if you are running out of available rules on your load balancer.


Sets the routing algorithm used for the services within the application. Defaults to round_robin, but you can also set to least_outstanding_requests.


Set to the number of days you wish to retain logs for. The default for new applications is 7. Setting the retention window to a high/unlimited value will affect the performance/reliability of convox logs over the long term. It is recommended to keep it at a smaller value and use syslog to export your logs for long-term archival and analysis.


Set to No to allow the app to listen on HTTP rather than the default behavior of having all HTTP requests automatically redirected to HTTPS.


Sets the ramp up period during which a newly deployed service will receive a gradually increasing share of traffic. Defaults to 0 seconds (disabled). Other valid values are between 30-900 seconds. Once the duration has expired, the full share of traffic will be directed at the newly deployed service.


Set to Yes to cause ECS tags to be propagated to the task level.