External Services

You can easily configure your application to to forward its logs to LogDNA.

Set up a Syslog Forwarder

  • Go to https://app.logdna.com/pages/add-source and select Syslog as your provider

  • Use the provided url as the syslog resource Url (with tcp+tls://)

  • The suggested Format is: Format="<22>1 {DATE} {GROUP} {SERVICE} {CONTAINER} {MESSAGE}"

Create a Syslog Resource

Use the syslog endpoint and Format from the previous step to create a syslog resource:

$ convox rack resources create syslog Url=tcp+tls://syslog-a.logdna.com:6514 Format="<22>1 {DATE} {GROUP} {SERVICE} {CONTAINER} {MESSAGE}
Creating syslog-3785 (syslog)... CREATING

Link the resource to any application whose logs you would like to forward to Papertrail.

$ convox rack resources link syslog-3785 --app example
Linked syslog-3786 to example